вторник, 27 декември 2016 г.

Football Betting Tips 2

In our football betting tips for today we want to give you some tips about using the over 2.5 goals accumulator. It could be a very profitable betting method, if you decide to use it and you use it right.

If you still don’t know what an accumulator is, here’s the explanation: an accumulator is when you combine a few different selections in one wager. This is a very good way to multiply your odds and increase your profit in a great way. Of course, there’s also a higher amount of risk, because you are betting on a few games at once, but sometimes you need to risk, if you want to achieve bigger profit.

Why the over 2.5 goals accumulator is so popular? Very simple - because the over 2.5 goals bets are one of the greatest ways to bet! What’s better than not caring how a particular game will end and who will win it? When you use the over 2.5 goals strategy, you only care about the amount of goals being scored in a game.

When using the over 2.5 goals accumulator, the most important thing is to pick the right games for it. See which teams are scoring (are conceding) a lot of goals lately and pick them in your accumulator. Do not pick teams with weak attacks or solid defences, because they are not suitable for an accumulator.

The next step is to choose the right amount of games which to include in the accumulator. Finding the balance is key in this case. If you choose a lower amount of matches, they odds will multiply for a lower possible profit. But if you choose too many matches, you also increase the risk of losing the whole wager. You need to find the so called “sweet spot”.

These are our football betting tips for today. We wish you a good luck with your bets!